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Sony PSP Hands-on Review


What's the hottest item in the portable electronics market right now? iPod? PDAs? Smart phones? No……it's the PSP from Sony.

PSP is the newest portable gaming device offered by Sony. If you think PSP is just some kind of new toy to keep your kids occupied in the back seats while you are driving on a long hour trip, then you may be surprised to know what PSP is capable of.

So, what makes PSP stand out from all other portable gaming device? Most portable gaming devices are design for a sole purpose - to play games on a small screen. With a PSP, you can use it as a MP3 player, a video player, or even a photo viewer.

Full View of Sony PSP
Fig. 1 ... Full View of Sony PSP

Technical Specifications

Product Code



Main Memory



Main Input/Output

Disc Drive

Main Connectors



Access control

Wireless communications

Infrastructure mode