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Lian-Li PC-V2000B: Tomorrow's Case Today!


Think of the average ATX computer case and visions of power supplies at the top rear of the case come to mind. Think about taking the cover off your case to work on the inner components and my bet is you reach for the left side.

Now, here comes tomorrow! Lian-Li and the all new and completely redesigned PC-V series cases! Today, we take a closer look at the PC-V2000B specifically. With a price tag around $260.00 USD this case is not for the faint at heart.

Once the case arrived we can see that the box is beautiful but shows a silver case. No worries:

Lian-Li PC-2000B Box
Fig. 1 ... Lian-Li PC-V2000B Packing Box

External Views of Lian-Li PC-V2000B

Upon opening the box I find a well packed and undamaged Black PC-V2000B as ordered. I can't wait to get it out of the box. I carefully opened the top and turned the box over and lifted the box off the case. My first thought is of the sheer size of this case. I remove the plastic and Styrofoam from around it. This case is truly a work of art! It has a beautiful brushed aluminum look to it.

Front Case View
Fig. 2 ... Front Case View

The V Series cases from Lian-Li all have aluminum skateboard type wheels on them with locks on the rear set. Looking at the case from the front you can see the front mounted 120MM Adda intake fan behind the vented front panel with a filter to help keep dust out. The 120MM fans keep noise down to a happy minimum as well. Also below the beautiful Lian-Li case badge are the front panel ports for audio, 2 USB & Firewire. Notice the lack of a Reset button on the case. Lian-Li has opted to leave out the reset button leaving mixed thoughts.

The Lian-Li PC-V2000B has 7 5 1/4 in front accessible drive bays. One is occupied by the Stealth cover for your optical drive and another by the Floppy Drive bezel. I wish they had included another bay cover so those of us that want to eliminate the floppy can without leaving a gaping hole in the front.

The case looks normal so far, let's look at the back side:

Rear Case View
Fig. 3 ... Rear Case View

No, the picture is not upside down. The PSU really does sit all the way at the bottom. Here you can also see the openings where 2 80MM fans can be mounted if you wish. These fans are not included however. The 120MM intake & Exhaust fans are. It's hard to tell from this angle but there is a duct covering the 120MM exhaust fan forcing the warm air from the case downward.