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FinePrint Software's: pdfFactory Pro


Why use PDF? To answer this question and in preparation for this review I thought it a good idea to research PDF (Portable Document Format) to find out what I didn't know about this popular style of presenting both written text and graphical images. Like most of you I felt that my knowledge was above average on this topic. After about an hour's research I found there was a fair amount of information concerning the importance of this format which had escaped my brain cells. So that we all start out on the same level of understanding here's a down and dirty synopsis.

PDF is a variant form of Post Script page description language that was first introduced in the early 1990's by the Adobe Corporation in the form of two programs Acrobat (PDF editor) and Acrobat Reader (interpreter). With Portable Document Format's introduction, the initial reception of the computer world was at best lukewarm.

To be more explicit PDF is defined by to be a combination of three technologies:

For the reasons captioned above, PDF is currently one of the most popular formats for document presentation. Its use extends to just about every arena, including: web pages, on-line documentation; off-line documentation, product reviews, product manuals, and how-to guides just to name a few. Another reason for its popularity is that after initially charging for Acrobat Reader, Adobe Corporation saw the error of its ways and began offering the interpreter free of charge. This is brilliant marketing strategy if you ask me.

Today we'll take an in depth look at a PDF creation package available from FinePrint Software entitled pdfFactoryPro which allows the user the ability to create flexible PDF documents.

FinePrint Software's Description of pdfFactory Pro & Features

"pdfFactory products offer a unique approach to PDF creation that is simpler, more effective and less expensive than that offered by other programs." "pdfFactory is the standard version for creating PDF files, and pdfFactory Pro is for those who need secure PDFs (legal documents, corporate information, etc.) and other advanced features."

pdfFactory Pro Features