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FinePrint Software's: FinePrint


Let me open this review by suggesting a scenario that many of us can relate to. You are writing a document for presentation, be it a result of work, school, or simply a project you have undertaken for informational purposes. You put in the hours doing the research, the outline, and finally you finish writing your work of art and print a copy of it. You peruse your copy only to see that the printed format does not best showcase the thoughts and ideas you wanted to convey. Serious formatting changes will be necessary to achieve your goal.

For me this scenario is all to real, since a goodly portion of my job consists of doing statistical analysis which is disseminated to sometimes as many as 2000 people in our organization. I've often wished for a utility that would allow me more versatility to make format changes that would extend across the entirety of my presentation without the need of rampant revisions.

You may think to yourself in this day of electronic media why even bother to print it? The fact of the matter is that many people achieve more of a comfort level having a hard copy of the work you have produced. In many cases the formatting of such a document can make or break your entire presentation. This also does not take into account the fact that many times the mindset of you and/or your superiors changes (often numerous times) about how the printed information could be formatted for the best appeal to the reader.

All this being said, today we're going to feature a software utility, FinePrint by FinePrint Software that will fulfill many of your needs when it comes to refining the printing of your document for presentation.

FinePrint Software's Product Description of FinePrint & Features

"FinePrint is a Windows printer driver that saves ink, paper and time by controlling and enhancing printed output."



Installation is very straight forward and is accomplished by simply double clicking on the program icon which will take you through the complete installation process, step-by-step.

FinePrint installed as a printer driver
Fig 1. FinePrint installed as a printer driver

Once installation is completed access to the FinePrint program was in the form of a printer driver. Next, determine the document that you want to print. Open that document and select the FinePrint driver without selecting any properties.