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ScanSoft's PDF Converter 3 Professional


In June of this year we reviewed pdfFactory Professional a tool for converting almost any document to PDF format. In that review we touched on the history of PDF and the rationale for using it as opposed to other formats.

Shortly after publishing that review we received several emails from ABXZone members suggesting that we look at one of the other PDF conversion offerings on the market, namely ScanSoft's PDF Converter 3 Professional. The emails went on to say that in addition to performing all of the tasks we covered in our first review that PDF Converter 3 offered significantly more editing capabilities along with a much more robust environment for essentially the same cost.

Approximately a week after receiving the email I went to ScanSoft's website to do a bit of research and review their product information for PDF Converter 3 Professional. I found published claims of a bevy of additional features that certainly sparked my interest. I then wrote Erica Hill, ScanSoft's Corporate Communications Manager, Productivity Applications and requested a copy of the software for analysis and review. Erica was extremely helpful and honored my request for a review copy by supplying me with a retail boxed copy of PDF Converter 3 Professional.

Today we'll take an in depth look at what this product has to offer. For the record I'm not going to attempt to compare and contrast the differences between this product and pdfFactory Professional. I'll let you read both reviews and draw your own conclusions.

ScanSoft's Description of PDF Converter 3 Professional & Features

"ScanSoft PDF Converter Professional is the complete PDF solution for business users. PDF Converter Professional offers an unmatched combination of creation, conversion, and editing, plus commenting and security features to give business users total document control and maximum efficiency. Now you can edit directly within a PDF file - just like working in the original file. Standard PDF forms can be instantly converted into fillable PDF forms. In addition, PDF Converter Professional features new mark-up and commenting tools, plus cutting edge security features. Add to all this the fact that PDF Converter Professional is less than a third the price of the leading PDF business software and you truly have a cost effective PDF powerhouse - Better PDF for Business!"

PDF Creation Features

PDF Conversion Features

PDF Editing Features