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The Little PC That Could: ASUS Terminator C3
Mission: To build a small PC to do everyday tasks without breaking your budget

What You Get

The system comes with a floppy and a 52x Cd-Rom that was connected to the primary IDE channel as master with an 80 pin cable. This puzzled me at first but if you were going to connect a SATA hard disk, then this would be the configuration. I swapped the Cd-Rom and installed an Asus DVD-Rom E616P2 instead. I installed an IDE Maxtor 40 gig hard disk, a 256MG Infineon DDR333 memory stick and I was good to go.

Set-up & Issues

I booted into the bios and made changes to the boot order 1st DVD-Rom, 2nd floppy then the hard disk, went into the memory settings and set bank interleave to 4 from its default setting of disable. I also disabled SATA RAID in the bios and ran the Memtest v150 boot floppy to test the memory. The CPU and 92mm case fans were going flat out so I enabled Q-fan and the PC became utterly silent, more on this later on. Finally I tweaked the memory to 2:3:3:6 2T with the desktop resolution set to 1024 x 768 x 32 bit. I first tested the system with Crucial 512MG DDR333 memory and I was able to run at 2:3:3:6 1T but since this is a budget system, I switched to a 256MG stick of Infineon DDR333 but it was not stable at 1T so I left it at the default 2T setting.

I installed WinXP Pro SP2 however after installing windows the system froze at the final boot. Since there is no reset button, I held the power button for 4 seconds to shut down and rebooted. I installed the VIA 4in1 and video drivers from the CD provided but the Viewsonic driver would not install so the system has it as default monitor on Via/S3G Unichome IGP. Finally I updated windows and installed the SoundMax audio driver.

Apps installed were AsusDVD, Office 2000 Pro, PC Probe 22302, JetAudio v613, Firefox 101, CPUZ v127, WCPU v30c, Acrobat 5, Photoshop 6 and Acronis TrueImage 8 which installed without issues.

Inside case view Front cover removed


The BIOS is Phoenix-Award and offers the following options:

Main ScreenBoot BIOSCPU BIOSHardware Monitor BIOS

Chipset BIOSMemory BIOSOnboard Device BIOS