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The Little PC That Could: ASUS Terminator C3
Mission: To build a small PC to do everyday tasks without breaking your budget

System Impressions & Performance

Image Quality

I have had issues with blurry text at on the Shuttle SS51G and an Asus P4P800MX that have integrated solutions but the text is crisp on this system at 1024 x 768 resolution. In fact I was using this very same Viewsonic P75f+ 17" monitor, on the other systems I had issues, but not with this one.

DVD Playback

My first test was playing a DVD movie with JetAudio and I noticed some lag on the video but the sound was steady. I tried 3 movies at full screen and got the same result. I switched to AsusDVD and enabled hardware acceleration, this improved the lag but it was still present.

MP3 Playback

I played some MP3's using JetAudio with a Word document open, web surfing with Firefox and the MP3's played without problems. There was considerable lag with these apps open and CPU usage was sometimes very high but the music in the background kept playing without missing a beat. I had read other reviews on VIA EPIA boards, which this system is based on, that MP3's would slow down if other apps were open, so I was surprised to see there was no issue.

Office Tasks

Reading emails using Word for a few documents with a few web pages open seems to be well within this systems capability. Although I'm not a heavy PhotoShop user, I found cropping, resizing and other simply tasks performed very well. I asked my neighbor who is a Photoshop guru to take it for a test drive. She uses a MAC G4 and commented that the Terminator C3 was very good. Although some tasks like resizing images took a while, she felt it was up to the task for occasional use. For a dedicated workstation she would want something a little faster. She found it cute and asked me what it costs. When I told her, she said at that price it performs great. I asked her now that she has tried it and knows what it costs, what do you think about it now? She replied I think it's great, maybe you could build one for my son's room.