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The Little PC That Could: ASUS Terminator C3
Mission: To build a small PC to do everyday tasks without breaking your budget

System Impressions & Performance con't.

Data Transfer

I connected the following devices USB2 jump drive, USB1 still camera and USB2 external hard disk. I tested Fireware by connecting an external hard disk. All devices operated normally. Transferring large files over the network was also not an issue.

Noise Level

According to Asus this is the quietest among Terminator Series...Shown below are specs taken from their site:

Noise level chart

The noise levels compared to a 80mm 30 db case fan was so silent, I needed to check that the fans were actually turning. I decided to clear the CMOS after a memory swap and after entering the bios to set it all up including Q-fan, I noticed that the fan speeds were not reducing to the levels I had originally. Plus I noticed in the manual on page 5-25, there should be additional options that appear when you enable Q-fan that I did not have at first setup or after the CMOS clear. This may not be a bad thing because if the cooling is not adequate, overheated components will fail. I have written Asus concerning this issue.

System Temps

Before the CMOS clear at idle the CPU was 36C and the motherboard 44C according to Asus probe. The highest temp observed while benchmarking was 52C CPU and 47C for the motherboard. I ran the system without the cover and temps were increased up to 10C for each. After the CMOS clear idle temps were CPU 34C and motherboard 38C. Running the same benchmark apps the highest observed was CPU 46C and motherboard 41C.

SoundMax Onboard Sound Quality

Sound quality is a very subjective issue. I'm not much of an audiophile but the music sounds just as good as any other onboard offering from Asus. I used JBL Pro speakers that came with a Compaq system years ago, compared with a P4P800 system and I could not hear a difference between the two. JetAudio has a built-in equalizer so it sounds much better than using Windows MediaPlayer for MP3's.


There are no options to overclock in the bios so I used WCPU and tweaked the multiplier from 6x at 800 mhz to 7x at 933 mhz. I did see a small increase in the CPU scores and when I tried 7.5x the system rebooted when I tried to run PCMark and again when I tried to play a DVD. I'm not going to post benchmarks in this review since this system will never have the juice to run games or other apps requiring higher performance.