View Full Version : FS: Corsair TWINX 2x256MB C2PT 3200 Set

02-07-2006, 09:11 PM
Corsair Rev 1.2 XMS3200's C2PT's CL2 DDR

Anyone looking to add an additional 512MB to their existing system this set would be perfect. Ran Memtest86 for 8 hours and no errors. Been running these for about 1 year - not BSOD's or lockups - not overclocked. Just can't use them with my new 1GB modules - they have a different rev and my system won't run at the full 400mhz mem rating. Not a problem with the modules - just that the P4C800-E is pretty picky and the mem manufacturer is different between the two sets.

Send me an offer through the message system if interested. Thanks.