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Kimbo 07-20-2006 11:44 AM

Some VMware questions...
1. i have an x-fi soundcard which ONLY works in xp. it does not even support win2k. i read here that it doesn't matter since under older windows it reports a basic soundblaster 16. i made a win98se container and have a yellow questionmark in device manager for "unknown audio device". so am i supposed to actually get the soundblaster 16 drivers from creative and install them or what ?

2. this isn't a question so much as a remark. even when proper VT with the newer cpu's and beyond unless we will be able to also throttle (restrict) the cpu speed and indeed the cpu architecture some things will not work. the speed could be done, i think. i remember using cpukiller before on my p4 2.4ghz and at that time it worked well enough. i'm sure intel has a command that would slow the cpu cycles right down. i mean just like we can restrict the amount of ram in the current vmware, which seems to work just fine, why not the cpu speed ??? the second part would be more of a bonus in that if we could also select from a number of preset cpus. so just like we set the amoun of ram, partition size et al, imagine being able to select a "i386 16mhz" or a "i486dx2 66mhz" cpu. because of now all such programs, vmware, virtual pc et al do not really emulate hardware properly. it's still "emulation".

3. also of note is that ALL safedisc games i have so far tried under my 98se container, once installed, and as i run them complain of a debugger. that is one of the protection's checks to see if a hacker is loading the game exe into a debugger to crack it. i know that. the sad thing is, obviously it is getting confused, which means that wrongly i can not play the games because of the false possitive. i know it has to be the way vmware works.

i will have more questions but in the meantime looks like i'll be going back to my proper "old box" which is my p4 2.4ghz 512mb ram etc.... :wave:

John64 07-20-2006 12:28 PM

1: It will report an SB16, so you will have sound for ANY os that has SB16 support
2: Your right, its not a question, but if you want that old hardware, dosbox might be right for you?
3: I have used Safedisc games on a system that has VMWare Workstation 5.0-5.5.1, but i didnt specifically check

What you could do is run VMWare server on your P4 box with a linux host, with no monitor or keyboard (headless) and use the VMWare Console over the network. Its like your on the machine!

Clareurst 03-25-2011 05:52 AM

Re: Some VMware questions...
This same problem is with me that I am facing right now please give me a realistic solution.

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