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I have the very same problem, but for a whole whack of folders (one of which is the WPDE folder mentioned). They're all temporary things.

For example I burned files to a DVD the other day, and after it popped out, I got a message saying "C:\Users\Digby\..\..\..\Temp\ISGH235 is being shared, and if deleted will no longer be shared. Do you wish to continue?" Attempting to delete/continue freezes my Explorer Window, it crashes, and needs to restart. Additionally, when I check that DVD/RW drive, it STILL shows the files that were to be burnt!

The problem was this: More than one user on the system has rights; whether inherited or explicit; to your temporary folder! (C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp). In my case, I had granted my girlfriend rights at the top of my profile (C:\Users\Digby -- I know, not the proper way to share; I just did it anyway ok ) for read so she could access my files, pictures, emoticons etc from my profile... this of course filtered down into the temporary directory, and hence the problem came.

Once the temp folder had her permissions removed, I can successfully delete all the files/folders there and prompts no longer come up! (FYI: I removed the inheritance, copied the permissions, removed all but myself, Administrators and System, ensured we all had Full Control, then applied the permissions to all subfolders and files)
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