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Re: Asus rog rampage v edition 10

Originally Posted by Sandog View Post

I also love the rear built-in I/O panel. My current one is not lined up and it is the board because it is so warped. When I get my board uninstalled I am going to take a pic so I can post it here how warped my mobo is. It is due to it being so thin IMO. The new RVE10 is straight as an arrow. I have seen pics of the side and the back with the huge back plate. All the connectors are lined up perfectly in the rear because of the built in plate.
Wow, really surprised to hear that your current board is warping. Especially since you water cool. I would imagine that people who hang large air towers off their board would have even greater warping.

Seems to me that the heaviest thing on your board is the Strix, and you've attended to that with that power jack thingy.

Hope you get the new one soon, and they don't price gouge you so much.
New Motherboards are always so much fun...

Whoa...just thought of something....will you need a new Windows 10?

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