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Originally posted by JoeBar
I have a P4C800 non deluxe that uses ICH5R and don't have a single prob installing IAA raid edition.
Hey Joe we meet again. You know I never noticed that when I looked at the spec sheets. Why on earth would they cut costs on the P4C800 Deluxe and not put the ICH5R chipset on that, but then turn around and put it on the non Deluxe board? No wonder people were a bit annoyed by that.

Ok now that I have said that, are you using S-ATA Raid? From what I read in the post that eagleye62 put you can only install it if you have Raid 0 setup on the S-ATA ports.

I found this on Intel's website under FAQ's for IAA.

Intel® Application Accelerator RAID Edition
Why has the Intel® Application Accelerator become a RAID-only driver?

Focusing the latest version of the Intel® Application Accelerator on RAID features using the newest Serial ATA technology was deemed as the best value add for desktop customers as RAID 0 enables higher performance gains for the platform than was possible with previous versions of the Intel Application Accelerator.

If you have an Intel® 865/ICH5R chipset or Intel® 875P/ICH5R chipset and are using Parallel ATA (IDE) hard drive(s), you should be able to use the Microsoft* native storage driver built into Windows*. The Microsoft native storage driver supports both Serial ATA and Parallel ATA hard drives.

Note: Intel Application Accelerator 2.3 is still available for systems using Intel® 800 Series Chipsets and Windows* XP, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium Edition (Me), Windows 98 Second Edition (SE), Windows 98, and Windows NT* 4.0.
See it says that unless I use the S-ATA Raid 0 feature, IAA does not support the i875 chipset. It goes on to say that you could use the IAA 2.3 version on 800 Series chipsets but that does not support the 865 or 875 chipset either. So you need to use the Microsoft navtive storage driver built into Windows- Not sure if this is something you have to add or if it installed by default. I think its a default thing.

Now if your not using S-ATA in RAID then wtf hehe ? DOH But your hardware list at the bottom of your sig shows "2 x 36.7GB Western Digital Raptror SATA (Raid 0) " so that would show the reason why you could install it.
System Specs:
P4 3.06 Hyperthreading CPU w/Swiftech MCX4000 HS and Thermaltake Smartfan 2
Asus P4C800-E Deluxe i875 chipset with ICH5R Soutbridge BIOS 1010
2 Gigs of Corsair TWINX1024-2700LLPT DDR333 XMS2700 Dual-Channel Memory w/Platinum HS
ATI 9800 Pro 128 w/Catalyst 3.6
Audigy XGamer w/5.1 Speakers
WinXP Pro SP1 w/DirectX 9.0b
250 Gigs of total HD Space
Blue Thermaltake Xaser III 1000D Case w/Antec True Blue 480w P/S
3DMark2001SE 17279 - Old Score with P4G8X and Catalyst 3.2

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