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Originally posted by SlackerXL
I wish my knowledge of the english language was better so that i could present my sense of humour in a better way....
I Know what you say is true... everyone up untill now has been very helpfull and surprisingly quick on reply...

i just wanted to put you in the mood for answering such a question... thats why i scold you like our school teachers used to....
BTW such Off-Topic posts are as interesting as all the others,
as long as they still concern computers....

Which way did you flash the 1014??
Don't worry. I understood your humor. I flashed with AsusUpdate. If you use it, make sure you download the latest version (5.22.02). The safest way to use AsusUpdate is to download the file first, then flash. As JoeBar just mentioned, if you're using Afudos, there's an updated version included in the zip file.
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