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Originally posted by SlackerXL
is this the right thread???? 102pgs????
Sorry to interrupt your nice chat here but me thinks youre miles away from our subject.....
i know this forum isnt only for p4c800 but this thread is supposed to focus on that ....

Youre all an extremely bad influence for a hard working man whos trying to cut back on his two most vicious habits:
smoking and hardware shopping.....

Now that i've said it ...
lets hear some opinions on the new 1014 bios ...
and quickly please, because i think i'm hearing my floppy singing :
"flash me tonight, the time is right...
flash me tomorrow, fills my chip with sorrow..."
You are correct, we do stray off topic but this has become a gathering place for those of us who use this MOBO, we kind of sit in the waiting room and chat until one of us or someone else has a problem or question then we all pounce on it.
2006 Rig;
Asus Commando, QX6700 @ 2.93, 4 Gb Corsair (PC2-8500 Dominator), Zalman 7500, Corsair 1 KW PSU, BFG GTX 285 OC, 2 Raptors in RAID 0 (OS and Apps) 2 Raptors in non raid for files and client data. WD 7500AAKS for main storage, X-Fi Fatal1ty, Normal optical drives Etc. 2 Ea Samsung 24" 245t's

New test rig, Spring of 09, i7-920 OC (3.6 so far) Rampage II Extreme, 6 GB Corsair Dominator GT , BFG GTX 2285 OCE, PSU HX 1000W 1 KW Corsair, 2 EA WD 300GB V Raptors in RAID-0 boot, 1 Tb WD RE3 data and BU. Tt Armor+ case, Optical drives Etc.

Thanks to everyone here for all the help
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