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Re: Re: Now you're talking....

Originally posted by pointreyes
I don't understand why but I find Greek much easier to read if it's in the Greek font.

I remember that there was post a long time ago explaining how to do that. Note that I'm more familar with Koine Greek from the 1st century. What's the real kicker about this? I don't use a computer to translate or read Koine Greek literature. I prefer books in hard copy. Oh no. I just revealed that I do more than just computers. I must purchase more hardware to remedy this situation.

Hmmm, maybe it's time for my rusty skill in Koine Greek to be re-developed. I used to know over 1,000 words in the proper sentence structure. Where's my flash cards-and nope, that is not the computer either.

Anyway, I might try the afudos tonight as well. However, I will need to backup my system before I attempt it.

What does "Koine Greek" stand for????
I'm now begining to question my knowledge of the greek language too.....
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