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My overclocking experience with Prescott 2.8GHz

At this thread I will post, as my time allows but hopefully daily, my overclocking experiences with retail (multiplier locked) Prescott 2.8E and Epox 4PCA3+ 875-based motherboard.

If you, my audience, have any questions please feel free to ask.

English is my third language so please forgive me any stupid errors.

Chapter 1 - Setup

I had read a few reviews talking about how the good old Northwood was still superior to regular folk but still I had no second thoughts as I removed my trusty 2.6HT Northwood, threw my new precious in, applied regular silicon paste thinly and bolted my huge copper water cooling block tightly to the board.

These additional components are installed:

-Enermax 520 watt PSU modded with beefier caps and variable resistor on +5v feedback

-4x512MB PC3200 memory, cheapest Apacer, works at 2.5/3/2/6 with all modules installed

-16x160GB Samsung harddisks (RAID0 + 2xRAID5)

-Radeon 9700 Pro +25% voltage modded (thanks to Xbitlabs!)

-Philips 7.1 sound card and digital TV tuner PCI cards

-additional gigabit ethernet card, cheap brand

-Highpoint RAID card for second RAID-5 array

-OS: Windows 2003, Standard Edition all patches applied from WU

Chapter 2 - First Impressions

Pumps on..monitor on.. hit the power switch. Lovely degaussing sound...phew! Nothing broken yet

MB recognizes the CPU as "Intel Prescott", future BIOS revisions will take care of this minor problem. Core voltage is at 1.500v, I dropped it back to 1.400v. +12v rail has dropped 0,04v, I will compensate it tomorror by adjusting the +5v feedback resistor on my PSU.

Oh my. The temperature is climbing, are all hoses fine?
Few seconds of anxiety pass but the climbing slows down before panic sets in. Temperatures are +4C above those I got from 3.0C Northwood and I haven't started overclocking yet!

I don't know how diode calibration works on Intel CPUs so maybe this is a BIOS glitch.

Next I will run dual Prime95s overnight to establish baseline stability and get myself an infrared thermometer for reference measurements and if/when tests pass OK...tomorrow we will see how far this beast can be pushed to - at 1.400v!

To be continued.. =)

Edit: added my OS

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