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Originally posted by Kawaiitenshi

OC_NEWBEE: I have BIOS version 2D00, don't know about MB version (I bought it when it was brand new since I hated my P4P800 with it's crappy 865 so much).

Bios version 2D00?
I'm not fimiliar with that version at all. The only bios that epox released, that I know of is the 07/03(4PC33703), 8/19(4PC33819), 12/16(4PC33C16) and the 12/25(4PC33C25). Unless the bios you have is a leak bios from somewhere, other than that what is the different between the version your running and the previous version?

EDIT: Never mind I found which version your talking about. Bios version 2D00 is the same as 12/25(4PC33C25.BIN). Thanks, waiting to hear more from yah on the prescott and Good luck!
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