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Prescott and Motherboard Support

Found this on PC Stats.
Intel claims that most motherboards will work fine with a BIOS update, which third-party board vendors are expected to release. There's a chance that older Socket 478 motherboards are simply incompatible, though.

How serious is the problem, you ask? We tested a total of eight motherboards, randomly sampled from our test systems, for Prescott compatibility. Of the eight, only three actually worked, including the D875PBZ that Intel sent with the Prescott sample, ABIT's IC7-MAX3, and ABIT's AI7. Those boards that didn't work were ASUS' P4C800-E, AOpen's AX4C Max, two of Intel's D865PERL, and an older D875PBZ.

Although the ABIT IC7-MAX3 and AI7 successfully booted into Windows, neither motherboard properly recognized Prescott’s clock multiplier, in both cases reverting back to 2.8GHz. Each board was flashed to the latest publicly available BIOS, but ABIT clearly has some work to do before touting full Prescott compatibility. Consequently, we weren’t able to overclock the Prescott core at 3.2GHz. The only remaining platform with which to test, Intel’s D875PBZ, is limited to a four percent “Burn-in” mode that doesn’t facilitate aggressive FSB manipulation.

P4 3.0E Prescott @3.6Ghz, P4S800D-E Rev1.04, 512mb Adata DDR450,512mb, 2x80gb Seagate Barracuda7200.7 SATA Raid0, 40gb WD 7200rpm. MSI Ti4200, Liteon 163 DVD, Liteon 48x12x48 CDRW. WATERCHILLED.
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