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Originally posted by Sandog
Do those fans have the three-pin connector?
No Sandog.

You have to use a three to four pin adapter for that fan or you'll fry your mobo.

A solution to the strained silicon problem has been found by IBM. They've developed a method to strain silicon using a sub layer of silicon germanium then removing the silicon germanium layer.

From The Register's report on IBM's process.

"The technique works by adding a layer of silicon over a layer of silicon germanium (SiGe). The top layer's silicon atoms align themselves with those in the SiGe layer's wider-spaced crystal lattice, pulling them apart. The trouble is - as Intel has found - that it's hard to integrate the addition of that SiGe layer into existing fabrication processes."

"Now, where IBM differs from Intel is in the use of silicon-on-insulator (SOI), which conveniently aids the implementation of strained silicon. As it announced last September, IBM removes the SiGe layer before fabrication, after applying the strained silicon onto the insulator. The upshot: it gains benefits of strained silicon using what is essentially its standard SOI process. By removing the SiGe layer, it doesn't have to integrate that material into the chip fabrication process per se. It calls the new technique, Strained Silicon Directly on Insulator (SSDOI)."

You can read all about it at ABXZone's News page.

Sounds like IBM has solved the problem and the report says their G5 chip has cut power consumption drastically and will easily outrun Prescott and AMD's 64 bit chip.
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