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Prescotts are as cheap or cheaper than Northwoods and have the same performance, they also OC well from what I've read
Not, Prescotts are slower than Northwoods, despite the higher L2 cache. The longer pipes slow it down. This has been proven time and again. They are still space heaters as well. The only thing is they will come will higher clocks down the road. And it is also obvious that PCI-X is no better than AGP 8x and the fact that there hasn't been any luck with locking the slot has caused serious problems in the overclocking department. DDR2 is rediculously expensive right now and falls very short of current DDR due to the loose timings. Cas 5 or 6 533 DDR2 is slower than Cas 2.5 DDR400. Like I said, down the road when the new tech can actually bring something to the table, I will be glad to upgrade.
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