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Originally Posted by Sandog
Hey Joebar, I am not trying to pitch the Intel board to you and leaving out the bad, I am giving reason to the other poster why I am getting the board. He said there are no improvements.

On OCing, the Intel board doesn't OC anyway (4% tops). But from what I've read about Prescott CPU's they are great OC'rs. Review say performance is equal for equal clocked CPU's compared to Northwood but Prescott has newer extensions and will have other features soon like the halt function, etc. and go up to 4GHz later. Also the other mobo's are suppose to get around the 10% limit.

Anyway, I've stated my reasons why I like the board and will be getting it. I really like the PBZ and I think this board will be better. The Prescott is only going to get better also. I was already on water with Northwoods, so I am all set up for Prescotts hehehe.
I agree with u, except from one thing, that a prescott has equal performance with a same clocked northwood. However i was talking about my personal feelings on this new line by intel. I was just expecting a bit more. Nevertheless enjoy your new system.
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