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Re: openSuse 11.0, smooth but not flawless.

I just tried 64-bit OpenSUSE 11 on my spare laptop (Dell Inspiron E1705) and was reminded about all the reasons I don't use Linux. I spent the last four hours banging around with it, and bailed out of frustration. I finally got spinny cube desktops and wobbly windows working at the end, but then it started getting flaky with the mouse not being able to figure out where I was clicking.

The best/worst part was my wireless. I have a Broadcom wireless-n chip in this laptop, and while Linux *has* a driver, and *installs* the driver, the driver.. doesn't work. Took some creative Googleing to find a link explaining that the wireless-n driver just.. "doesn't work yet". They could not explain this in a popup during the install?
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