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Great summation m8!!
I can relate to your obvious enthusiasm for overclocking so well.

July 1 this year I was running an AOPEN AX4B P4 1.8 and two sticks of 256 PC2100. This board allowed a massive BIOS OC to 1.9!! - and that was it as far as my OCing career stood!

That day I was on the net bored :ZZZ: and came across a review of the P4P800 and how ASUS tricked it to behave like it had a 875 chipset - HMMMMMM I thought - and to boot this new upstart board from ASUS was priced as a bargain and seemed to almost outgun the more expensive Canterwood board!

Was I hooked or what? July 4 I had myself a new P4P800, P4 2.8C and a stick of fast Geil 512 DDR433 ram to play with. I'd never put a system together before but thought I could do it easy - it's amazing how forums and general info on the net can make one feel like they have a PHD in computer engineering!!

So I got my new system together and started to discover problems with my Geil ram (well at the time I thought Geil was the problem) and having all sorts of trouble getting this thing to boot or even POST. After some more study at the "Institute of Net Research" I took this ram back and got me some nice low latency Corsair stuff. It was at this time that I discovered (like Christopher Columbus - a new land this and other forums (Bleedingwhatitsname) are an incredible wealth of helpful information!

I soon found out Turbo [enabled] was evil and claimed latencies didn't work :confuse2:. I couldn't work out why my ram kept giving me BSOD at higher FSB's but then learnt about dividers etc etc etc

.... and now I'm having the time of my life and got me a nice stock cooled rig getting a 2.8 to run at 3.35.
But it (the addiction) doesn't stop there - oh no!!! - dumped the Ti4200 didn't I and got me a V9950 FX5900 from ASUS last weekend and doesn't this beauty like to clock from std 400/851 upwards towards 500+/1000

Damn this forum! and I thought everything was sweeeeeeet with TURBO now a friend [enabled] - no more BSOD and PAT enabled --- DAMN what was that thread this week???----- I don't have PAT when O/Cing :bigcry:

Tomorrow with the help of the thread from bigtoe and Radelon and others I will embark on getting PAT back with some ingenious BIOS tweaking never ends!!!!

Thanks and kudos to everyone
P4C800-E Deluxe Bios1008
P4 2.8C O/C 3.4 FSB242 1:1 66:33
Corsair 2x512MB XMS3700 DDR466(running@484MHz) 3-4-4-8-4
ASUS V9950 FX5900 @490/890

Thermaltake 480W ATX PSW w/Dual Fan+PFC
Thermaltake Tiger 1 for i875 chipset;
Zalman CNPS5700D-Cu Cooler for CPU

Thermaltake Xaser III 2000A Case

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