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Originally Posted by Cogar
OK, back to your situation. Regarding the overheating problem, check your setup and make sure all four hooks on the HSF are gripping the plastic retention base attached to the motherboard. If one of them is not connected, you will not have good contact. Also confirm that the two levers on the HSF that pull the HSF onto the board are fully pushed down (to make sure contact is good). Additionally, confirm that the fan seems to be operating at full speed. (It should make some "air" noise.)

Next, we need to know a little more about your temperatures and your fan setup. You mentioned earlier that your MB temp was 35C. That is at least 5C hotter than I would expect. (You are in a cold climate compared to me and my case is cooler.) As an example, in my case (and I am also running a Prescott), my temps are the following currently:

CPU Temperature (load--3D game): 53C
CPU Temperature (idle--writing this message): 45C
MB Temperature: 30C

My fan setup is two fans pulling air into the case from the front, one fan pulling air into the case from the side panel, and two fans exhausting air from the case at the back. If your case is running hot, your CPU will also be hot.

Regarding sound, are you using the onboard SoundMax sound? Did you install it using the ASUS CD that came with your motherboard?

What applications have been running when your system freezes?
first of all thanx for ur patience for helping me out
so first i checked the four hooks. all were hooked properly.
but the heat sink was not properly fixed ,so i cheked the two
levers that u mentioned , and find out they were not even pushed
then i remove the heat siink and saw tht the compound on the heat sink
was not even melted.. now i pushed the heatsink properly
so i think this is why its was getting so hot .
there is no perticular proagram whan it freezes , some time when i play HL2 , or surfing net
now after running the computer for 20 min
cpu temp is 42c b4 fixing it used to be 57-59
MB temp is 31C but its still increasing used to be 35 and more
so i think i should't freeze now .
im runing 1 fan from side pannel only.
rest is 1 on cpu and with PSU
so i think its only 1 fan the is pushing airout .
so how many i need to keep it more cool?

second problem abt the sound card .. yes i m using onboard sound card
drivers were installed from the cd and also tried different updates
but no use.
i also get soem static noise in the speakers.
it gets louder when i scrool/move/click mouse.
so i will run the system for 5-6 hrs to c if it is still freezing and will post the update tonight
thanx a lot for ur help
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