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Originally Posted by akash
hello cogar
even the temp of cpu is down now around 45-50c system is still freezing.
do i need to update my bios its ver,1016.001 .
I am almost positive that I am running 1016, and have no problems. Additionally, that was a "popular" and relatively "trouble free" BIOS. It is also possible that you are having problems with your installation of Windows. You might check out Mr. Steveo's guide to make sure everything installed correctly. It is located here --> link

I am not so sure about freezing, but random reboots are often caused by power supply, CPU, and memory problems. I am guessing that your CPU is OK. Hard to say for sure. The easiest thing to do is to run memtest on your memory. If that does not reveal any problems, you might try another power supply to swap with the one you are using.
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