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Re: Z370 compaired to X299 Builds!

Originally Posted by fvbounty View Post
VROC requires Intel nvme drives and a Key you buy from Intel and only on X299....its still really new, plus you would need a 40 lane cpu, like Skullys. VROC is still up in the air.
Intel's Core i9 and X299 enable crazy RAID configurations for a price | PCWorld

ASUS X299 Enables Intel Virtual RAID on CPU - RAID-0 up to 20 SSDs! | PC Perspective
I think you can RAID 0 any brand SSD. (As a gamer I must admit I only ever think anout RAID 0, lol)
Where I see some use out of the riser is in providing additional M.2 connections direct to the CPU lanes. Of course, its not much use if theres limited lanes and they’re used elsewhere.

Actually, this limited lanes thing is really killing Z370 and 8700K for me. The more I look at it the more painful it feels. Tbe GPU defaults back to 8x while the M.2 gets 4x. You have to use the PCH via DMI but the CPU only has 16 lanes anyway.

I know real world gaming shows small differences between 8x and 16x graphics, but it seems to be a retrograde step.

Whats actually the difference in gaming clock for clock between an 8700K and a OC 7800X? Also I assume X299 boards and CPU's are crashing in price because 8700K is touted as "best gaming CPU". What is the bang for buck equation here? As to cores most multi-threaded games currently are only using up to 4 cores, so 6 is more than enough.

Has anyone seen any benchmarks between Skylake and Coffee Lake clock for clock, so Skylake i7 OC against stock 8700K?
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