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Originally Posted by traveler View Post
The DLC is good. Well worth doing.

So what is your technique for taking down a maximum level Legendary Deathclaw? Especially after he spots you.

At level 65 you are not yet high enough to spawn Albino Deathclaws, Chameleon Deathclaws, or Mythic Deathclaws. So I'm not going to ask you your technique for taking down a Legendary Mythic Deathclaw. After you level up more I will.

My technique does include VATS mainly because of certain VATS PERKS. I can and do take them down right up to a Level 107 Legendary Mythic Deathclaw after I observe them and then they discover me and charge ... no game reloads ... first time. It is fun.

I use terrain, obstacles and the jet pack (if out in the open, I back off). I use my Gatling laser at range and an explosive combat shotgun to finish them off (both are modded up). Usually, I kill them very fast, if not, 50/50 whether I die or not (and reload). At least they are more predictable than a legendary scorpion that freaking hides in the sand.

Early on, I just died alot
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