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First Impressions

Wow, ok where do I start? Long installation time, about 5 mins and about 6 gig.

Very choppy performance, looks unoptimised, FSAA doesnt appear to work at all and sound is not properly in synch with the characters lips... It locked up my system! A hard lock, task manager failed displaying a message from Windows...


[edit] man! ok got a little further, almost outside, frame rate seemed a little better after I turned off world dynamic lighting, nup -just as I was about to get outside, BAM, 'nother hard lockup.

rebooting again...

[edit] ok, the problem is dynamic lighting, it has to be completely off. Must be a driver issue... i'm now getting a good framerate, can max out most of the sliders and turn on FSAA, (i'm at 1024x768), but still expirementing.

The UI is NOT intuitive... but seems clean. Will take a little while to learn it.

So far the world seems detailed and interesting if not confusing. Anomalies are everywhere - beware!

I'll report back once I've played around with it for a while.
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