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Re: 2 linux + 1 Win - No boot - Help needed!

I think you did too much at once.

My approach would have been install 2 systems and then see if they booted correctly before going on.

I am not too versed with grub and Linux. There is web site that has info how to install XP and Linux either one first and second. If you do a search it's documented on this forum.

I would start there. Since I don't know grub but I belive it is multi boot loader. You need to get into the docs to find out what is setup incorrectly. Just getting the answer now doesn't teach you much but by investigating what not setup properly will give you experience for future problems.

Also I see references to Ubuntu, Kwort, Debian,Grub. When you pick something like Ubuntu again my guess you can't mix code from other packages and expect it all to work correctly. Most of these preconfigued ( customized) packages are tested by themselves. Some of the code may run but I bet if you ask debian for Ubuntu help they will send you to UBUNTU. As well as each of these product have their repective support areas.
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