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Re: 2 linux + 1 Win - No boot - Help needed!

I'm not particularly knowledgeable in this area, but during my own limited experience dual-booting XP and Ubuntu I had all kinds of problems with drive reference inconsistencies involving grub, not just the ones I mentioned that were caused by a flash-card reader. And I'm not referring to differences between numbering starting with 0 and numbering starting with 1, which I was well aware of. It seemed as if between grub, linux, and the bios, the drives were being counted in a different order (although I had three hard drives, as well as two optical drives, so it was a more complex situation).

When the grub screen comes up, I'd suggest pressing "e" twice to edit the entry you want to boot, and changing "root (hd0,2)" to "root (hd1,2)," and seeing what happens. You won't be hurting anything, because the change will not persist on subsequent reboots until and unless you edit menu.lst.

In my own case (yours will be different, but just to give you an idea of what I ran into), grub installed referencing "root (hd1,2)" and I had to change that to "root (hd0,2)" to get it to boot. The system drive (containing both os's and the swap partition) and one of the other drives were sata, while the remaining drive was ide, and I suspect that mix may have contributed to the problem.

Finally, I think that under "4th" in your first post, you meant to say sda3, not sdb3. Let me know if I'm wrong.

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