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In Praise of Far Cry 2

I went back to Far Cry 2 a few weeks ago after giving up on the game after it first came out years back. I had troubles with performance.....the gamma was just too dark no matter what I set...and I gave up on the eccentricities and repetitiveness of the game....

Have given it another go...
Different machine
Different Video Card
More patience.....

Make no mistake----this is a complex game to learn and enjoy....
and I have NEVER encountered bigger maps---with more open area and useful terrain.

And---to tell you the truth....I am enjoying it a lot the second time through. It is a hugely LONG game that will take you over 60 hours to complete if you are on the "Hardcore" setting.

My GTX 580 LOVES the game and at Ultra High settings on everything----the game is gorgeous and plays like butter.

The tactical options are endless....
but again----make no mistake....

On the hard settings----if you think you can "Just Push Through"
You are gonna die.....a lot....

Weapons choice, sound tactics and use of terrain are EVERYTHING in this game for solid mission accomplishment. Use of high ground is an absolute must. (and folks----I gotta tell you---that is the REAL world).

I like:
No Radar....You don't know where fire is coming from except for muzzle flash and sound....challenging and real world
Clever use of fire in this game....throw some Molotovs and start fires to screen movement and blow up stuff.....
Terrain maps are really well done and match terrain perfectly. Contour lines on the map are a nice touch. In this world of GPS-----if you grew up having to navigate with contour maps----you truly appreciate this game technique
The Dragonov Assault/Sniper Rifle (never leave home without it!)
Big maps-----and I am talking BIG!
Gorgeous and varied terrain graphics
Lots of "choice" which directly affects game
Not a "corridoor shooter"
Junky weapons break down in combat.....real world
1000 different ways to solve the tactical fight
Clever use of "Buddies"
The game is LONG----you get your money's worth!

Forget about stealth and stealth weapons in this game....
No matter how hard you try, you are going to be seen and you are going to fight. Just depends on what position you put yopurself into before your fight begins
Stealth weapons in this game are absolutely anemic. Takes up to six hits form a silenced Makorov to bring down a foe. The silenced MP 5 is a total waste....
Jumping back and forth between factions seemed unlikely and least to me.
Not enough Grenades.....(but then again----NO GAME has enough Grenades----at least for me LOL)
Some of the game complexity is not needed....who cares about the "Predecessor Tapes" anyway
All the traveling between missions lenghthens the game considerably----but it also forces you to plan a strategy, use terrain better and avoid checkpoints and needless fights----so maybe an actual plus here.....I did get tired of driving down endless roads though

Do the Arms Dealer Missions first to unlock the Dragonov----everything becomes doable with the Dragonov
Just have enough Diamonds to buy the Dragonov with upgrades----everything else is gravy
Stay away from Roads and Checkpoints as much as possible----they will endlessly bog you down in useless fights that drain ammo and helath.
Use the map---travel cross country using terrain and valleys, swim in the rivers even take vehicles down railroad tracks----but STAY OFF THE ROADS---if you can help it.
Use the "Bus System" for quick transport as much as possible.
Use fire to your advantage----throw a LOT of Molotovs and Grenades.....

For some of you guys that gave up on Far Cry 2....maybe give it a go now----especiaslly after the long run of "corridoor shooters" we are seeing because of consoles....

Something a bit different....

i7 3930 @ 4.6 GHz
Windows 7 Ultimate SP 1
Asus P9X79 Pro
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32 GB Corsair Devastator 1600 DDR
120 GB Crucial SATA III SSD
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Sparkle Nvidia GTX-580
Samsung 22X SATA DVD Burner
Coolermaster Silent 850 Modular PSU
Coolermaster 690 II Advanced Case
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