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Re: In Praise of Far Cry 2

Originally Posted by johnrr6 View Post

Played through to both endings.

63 hours to complete....Phew!

Firefights----excellent----just excellent!
Tactical use of terrain
unique use of fire from thrown molotovs to screen, hinder and destroy
HUGE----and I mean HUGE maps
Dragunov, AS-50 and the M-240 Grenade launcher

too much travel between missions----took forever to get to some mission areas
Forget about stealth.....and stealth weapons were AWFUL
Started to get repetitious after awhile.
Friends all betrayed me in the end....... (unsettling) Sorry----I'm a simple soldier----I need good guys and bad guys.....
needed more variety in weapons-----and additional mods to existing weapons
Missions started to become.....all the same----all kind of blended together.....needed some creativity (a LOT of creativity LOL)
I only played about 20 hours of this at the time, and your assessment sounds absolutely consistent with my memory of it. I was considering replaying this recently, but you have reminded me if a couple of things that really destroyed the game for me (although i realise that you're saying it's not a bad game).

The repetition of the missions was so tedious that I almost became nauseous, when playing, and had to walk away a few times. Yet another checkpoint? yet another camp? Briefcases full of diamonds lying around. Someone is making a fortune selling briefcases out there.
A few more fortified towns would have helped, but then stealth would be required with that. The lack of stealth was a major flaw IMHO, and what a disconnect from Far Cry! A stealth option may have saved it for me.

The fire fights were good and the terrain and use of fire was brilliant, but a couple of good points couldn't make up for all the issues. The poor graphics lighting in the night scenes was also disappointing.

When I tried exploring the malaria would kick in, slapping me in the face for daring to try such a thing. I admire your perseverance with the game, but I don't think I'll go back to it.
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