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Re: In Praise of Far Cry 2

Yes, another STALKER would be great for us fans, but I have to wonder if that experience can be repeated? The lifecycle seems to be that a creative team gets together against the odds and through some lucky chance a classic is born, pretty much by accident.
Then later they try to repeat it but either lost their initial creative innocence and get lured into making something for profit instead of the game, or get rail roaded by big business into playing "safe" and producing mediocre results.

The funniest part is that we don't realise we're witnessing such greatness until we're about 2 hours in! That's why I always look at new games coming out, just in case I find one more classic lurking there.

I was replaying war head recently, and it's so much better than Crysis2 IMO.
But really, Far Cry is another example of a brilliant classic. I have to replay that one day, sit on the beach again watching the beautiful sunset while the Trigens howl in the jungle.
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