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Re: In Praise of Far Cry 2

Originally Posted by johnrr6 View Post
OK game.....but wouldn't play it again....

I saw Steam was offering Crysis 2 "Maximum Edition"

but it doesn't have anything really new---a few weapons and skins....

But it is on Steam now----which is a plus.

We need another STALKER...

and soon LOL
Yes, it's on Steam again, because they are desperate to sell more copies. They put the demo on Steam and I joined the demo, but then they took it off and when I bought the full game I couldn't get into my own (EA) account because it was 'taken'. Duh. And EA's tech support is so lame it's beyond belief - I just couldn't get them to respond to me - no way, no how. Oh, and to add to the joy, the deluxe package (or whatever it was called) never worked, and, you guessed it, I never got a response back from EA so I could fix it.

EA will get more of my money when hell freezes over!
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