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Re: In Praise of Far Cry 2

Originally Posted by XJ. View Post
Yes, it's on Steam again, because they are desperate to sell more copies. They put the demo on Steam and I joined the demo, but then they took it off and when I bought the full game I couldn't get into my own (EA) account because it was 'taken'. Duh. And EA's tech support is so lame it's beyond belief - I just couldn't get them to respond to me - no way, no how. Oh, and to add to the joy, the deluxe package (or whatever it was called) never worked, and, you guessed it, I never got a response back from EA so I could fix it.

EA will get more of my money when hell freezes over!
Because EA never bought into Steam.....and went their own way with Origin which is.....

questionable at best.....

but when they saw that Origin actually HURT their sales.....EA once again....cozied up to Steam and made it available through STEAM.

If you bought the Original Crysis on is half price to get everything up and running on Steam.....Like $20

At least that is what I've been told.

I may do a few Steam Dollars to burn.....Birthday gifts from my sons.....
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