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Re: TIP: how to enable DIPM for SSDs on Windows 7

Originally Posted by radeonized2 View Post
Is this for laptops only? On my desktop I did as instructed and checked where instructed to check and found nothing to that say "on battery" or "plugged in" the other words you indicated, and only found "settings=active".
My fault! This was based on a laptop with an AHCI controller (I forgot to mention TWO critical details).

Settings = "Active" means that you DON'T have HIPM nor DIPM enabled yet. Are you able to change it to "HIPM+DIPM"?

Can you please also post an image of your "Hard Disk" power settings tree, fully expanded?

Since you were able to find the registry key I mentioned, you do have an AHCI controller. My desktop doesn't have one, so at the moment I have no base to extend the guide to desktops without a hand.
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