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Re: AMD Phenom CPUs to see further delays

If true this means that the 45nm version will be only one quarter behind the real Phenom release.

There is no reason why 45nm would be delayed due to the bug since they get new revisions anyway.
They won't get 45nm in 2008. The current roadmaps indicate 45nm as H2 2008, but its essentially same as what Intel said with Penryn. Only EE Penryn came in 2007, and that's in November. Some roadmaps say H2 2007 for servers, and Q1 2009 for desktops.

I know it sounds bleak, but there's a difference between going into 45nm production and actually having the part officially introduced to the public. I painfully learned it anticipating for Prescott and such. I have actually tried to see how long it took Intel and AMD to make each process technology advancements. From 0.18u to 65nm, it was consistently 2 years. It was also true with tape-out, it took 9-12 months from tape-out to production. And AMD came with their 65nm in November 2005. Their 45nm should be anywhere from -3 months to +3 months of 2 years from the 65nm introduction.

This is what I anticipate:
Q1 2008-tape-out
Q2 2008-45nm production starts
Q3 2008-45nm final/engineering samples sent to mainboard vendors
Q4 2008-45nm processors available for purchase to public
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