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You do this....................

1)Copy those two files onto a floppy disc
2)Create a DOS boot disc - if using XP just insert another floppy and go to Format it and select "create an MS-DOS startup disc" - then hit start and it should take about a minute or so to complete.
3)leave the created startup disc in the floppy drive and reboot your machine.
4)while rebooting hit the delete key on the ASUS splash screen to enter the BIOS so that you can select in the BOOT Priority menu to start up using the floppy drive - save and exit: your machine will/should now start up using the floppy and will start up in DOS mode.
5)once you get the command line A:\ - take the startup disc out and replace it with the one you copied the 2 files onto.
6)type in "dir" then enter (just so that you can see the files are OK and on the disc.
7) the comand you need to type to update the bios is:


hit enter and it will run

once complete use Ctrl-Alt-Delete to reboot your machine

go back into the BIOS if you want to change the BOOT priority order back to what it was (best to select your hard drive for a faster boot time)

hope that helps..............

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