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I originally posted this on the BlueKnights corp forums...

I'll try and be as in depth as i can, even though it would help if i had more knowledge (:

I logged on and Nilnist convo'd me. He mentioned in his fragmented way of speaking, that they had already killed quite a few people at the Misaba/r3 gate in r3. So i'm like, cool and join up with them, ask some BlueKnights that are on if they want in but no one was around.

I head out to r3, let them know i'm coming through before i gate hehe.

We chill for about 10 minutes before Camel spots an apoc coming to the misaba gate from within r3. Everyone gets ready to gank it, we had about 7 ships at the gate. The apoc warps in, i mwd in real close and disrupt, and start orbiting and firing away with my 250 light arty and launching my wimpy rockets. The apoc keeps heading to the gate, non of us had any webifiers... he was at about half shield if i remember before he was able to gate. Everyone got a little upset and a bunch of the ShortBus guys decided to go refit for some webifiers.

as a side note, i was in a rifter with 2 250 light arty's 2 rocket launchers an mwd a crappy warp disruptor, and some reactors. Also this was my second rifter of the day, seeing as i lost my earlier one to a stabber ): I'm still teh sux when it comes to this stuff... but i'm learning.

ok so back to the fight...

A bunch of guys come back, in their same ships refitted with webifiers and jammers. someone says over voip that we have more ships coming into r3, but they didn't do anything yet... just after he announces this, the gate we are at fires up and the apoc that was there before pops back in... everyone starts locking it and i head in to disrupt it, before i could get within range i'm insta locked and popped. lol literally i died in like 2 seconds... anyway, i'm in my egg and starting to head back to grab my last frigate i have in mamet. and i hear he got away...

i'm still refitting when all this chatter starts up.. a couple of this guys gang m8's warp to the r3 gate and start to gank the shortbus guys... i'm not sure what they had but a couple BS's i believe because the shortbus guys lost a couple shipts and start talkinga bout how if they want to play that way they'll get their BS's as well.

I'm urgently refitting my kestrel with anything i can scrounge from Ron and Kuro who logged on. Kuro gangs with us and he and i head to a safe spot in Misaba and wait for the go ahead to gate into R3.

From the voiop chatter i'll try and say what they had, but i'm still newbish so i don't know all the ship names.... our opposition has something like that apoc doing 170km sniping, a cerberus and a close range domi. I know there is more but i don't know what.

Everyone is getting anxious and we get to the r3 gate, and shortbus says for us all to jump in... i get in there and there is probably like 15or more ships all going at it. I target the domi that everyone wanted to go down fast, and start disrupting and launching rockets at it. I'd say i was in the battle for about a minute before i got ganged up on and popped.

I took my egg back to mamet and i'm floating in an egg now lol 3 ships lost, but it was fun.

I'm not sure on the exact numbers, but i know the shortbus guys lost a couple bs's kuro i think lost his ship, i lost mine, another frigat or two..

the enemies lost the cerebris and the domi i believe plus a couple other ships... was good fun

lesson learned: have a ship that can last longer so i can enjoy the battle more!

anyway... later guys

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I'll need to update this when I get a moment.
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