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Re: I think I am sticking w/ Vista .... ie8!

Originally Posted by Rick_EE View Post
Have you tried the accelerators in IE8? For me this is one of the biggest improvements in a browser since the tabs. In my case, to highlight an item, right click and google search is awsome.

I have to admit that I really don't care about performance hits if I like a feature.

Looking at your sig, I agree that you probably won't notice a performance differenct. Here is a rundown of some feature differences. Windows 7 vs. Vista - the major features make the new OS better
Most of the security features I would disable. The only thing I would want (that I can see) is the updated Experience Index.

I do like that the 32-bit ver reads more than 3.5GB of RAM. But, I have the 64-bit Vista and using 12GB of memory. My notebook flys with 2GBs and a stripped down Vista 32-bit.

Don't get me wrong, on a new system, I would buy Win7 (unless Vista was real cheap). Just don't see any reason to "upgrade".

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