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I agree about sticking with Vista...I have 2 hard drives setup (one with Vista SP2 and one with W7 RC1)...I switch back and forth between them and Vista is exactly the same as W7...a few layout and formatting issues aside, if you are happy with Vista, stick with it...W7's main advantage over Vista is much better SSD compatibility/performance...(but if you don't own an SSD and don't plan to anytime in the near future then that advantage is mute)...W7 also uses less system resources and does a feel a bit more snappy...but that aside they are one and the same

even gaming performance is pretty much equal across both platforums

ATI Catalyst 9.7 and Nvidia GeForce 190.38 Drivers in Windows 7 - X-bit labs

I actually also like W7's Aero look a bit better as well...the ability to close out thumbnail previews is very helpful...I still might upgrade to W7, not for any particular reason but just because I can...might not happen right away but overall I am extremely happy with Vista

W7 is for people who are still using XP or older OS's and got scared off by the perception that Vista is evil...those with Vista have zero need to upgrade (especially with DX11 being made available for Vista and not being a W7 exclusive like DX10 was with Vista)
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