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I read all your stuff. Had business at the base all afternoon yesterday so I am behind.

At this point I do not plan to upgrade my board/CPU for a while. Yes, new CPU's due out to coincide with 390X. Optane is not going away, so I would definitely get a board that would work with their memory when it becomes widespread. I see their memory being used for storage, cache, and GPU.

Go on a cruise or long road trip. Better life experiences! You'll never be caught up with computers.

I did a few virtual builds on the userbenchmark site. Nothing is worth upgrading for me right now. Later, may be a different story.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Originally Posted by Sandog View Post
You know I thought deeply about getting this mobo. I wanted this board when I first saw it back in August. That was before I ever heard of the Intel Optane SSD 900P. I have read up on the 900P and Intel mentions additional requirements for the Optane memory which is on the 900P.

Intel® Optane™ Technology

I seem to be running fine and fast so I am not worried but I wonder why Intel lists all it's new CPU's and chipsets as 'Optane Memory Ready'? I have not heard anything contrary to running on X99 so far and I have not seen any specail softare for the 900P. No SSD Toolbox and no IRST to download, just the NVMe driver.

Anyway, the APEX with the 7820X (which BTW is $444 tomorrow) is heads above my 5960X CPU and that is at stock. With the new CPU, 2666MHz RAM, and Optane Memory support along with other new bells and whistles, there is ample reason for me to switch to the APEX. But I am not. I am going to enjoy what I got and take a cruise like JT mentioned. In a year or more Intel will bring a new CPU for the X299. It should be a Tick (10nm size reduction) in the form of Cannonlake-X. These should plop right into the X299 so I may upgrade at that time.

Also, Jim if you are reading. I would wait for Z370. I believe ASUS will have a WS out at that time plus the big news, there will be an 8-core introduced for Z370. Z370 will be the next big thing coming from Intel mid-2018 I believe.
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