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Dynamic lighting issues FIXED!

I'm now running full dynamic lighting at 1024x768 and its very nice!

After a bit of trial and error I set the following for best performance:
  • Vision distance is at about 80% based on slider position,
  • Grass density 80%,
  • AA is at the first position (2x?),
  • Grass shadow is off,
  • Lighting distance is 50%
(Apart from AA and vision distance I dont know how much the other settings impact performance so I might try more tweaking of these.)

Now I have maximum texture detail, shadow quality, aniso, object detail, sun shadows, NPC flashlights, etc, and how did I achieve this remarkable improvement? Well, I added another 1GB of DDR. Now running 4x512 modules.

They're all Corsair DDR400, (a couple of XMS low latency modules and a couple of XMS C2 modules). I lost PAT and had to loosen the timings a little but the improvement in performance is fantastic. (Oblivion is also a lot smoother with all settings maxed out in that game).

In outdoor areas my frame rate is varying between mid 30's to high 60's depending on whats happening, which is acceptable to me.

(Use "rs_stats 1" and "rs_stats 0" in the console to view your fps in game.)

The lighting does improve the atmosphere and gives a more realistic affect. I like how shadows are thrown by trees and birds overhead.
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