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Originally Posted by zapionics<alt> View Post
Not doing them is like choosing not to play most of the game !
I just doing the main Quest it seems like a lot of the game experience would be lost...the game also might be over fairly quickly...I like to lengthen all my games

I'm not "loving" the game so far...but it's definitely worth playing

Ive been noticing some bugs as well...once after I completed a mission and the Trader was giving me a new one, the game just crashed (without saving!!) I had to replay a whole section to get back to that I save more frequently

also the Quicksave (F6) is kinda quirky...sometimes when I try to Launch a Quicksave it doesn't work and I have to launch another one of my saved games, quit that game and go back and start up the quicksave again...and I'm not experiencing nearly as many bugs as a lot of other players are (according to other forums)

afer all the repeated delays and years of development there really is no excuse for them releasing such a buggy game
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