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Can I rebuild a deleted user?

So, my windows installation somehow got corrupted. I think it was something malicious that took hold went I temporarily shut off my firewall while updating itunes and quicktime (I was running into an itunes store problem and I thought the firewall might have been the issue).

Anyway, after iTunes installed and asked me to reboot, I did and when I returned I received the following message:
Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Windows\system32\config\system

So I tried using my boot disc to use the repair option from the partition screen. When 'r' didn't appear as an option, I used the recovery console and ran fixboot, fixmbr, cd mbr (something like that).

I then ran bootcfg /list and after seeing three entries for boot entries listed, I edited a boot.ini file on another computer and narrowed it down to just the one entry (the right one).

Now I have Windows booting fine, but listen to this: Instead of my original user, it logs into XP as "Owner" and asks me to activate windows. Also, while My Documents is empty, if I go into Documents and Settings, I can see three user folders there (All Users, Owner, and 'my old user name').

The rest of the my C drive is completely intact, but this new user Owner has none of the right start up options, licenses for programs like Kaspersky are gone, and of course the user interface has been defaulted.

Any suggestions on rebuilding my user file? I checked under System Properties > Advanced > User Profiles > Settings and the only user listed is the Owner.
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