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Originally posted by KingTermite
What kind of game is Morrowind?

Is it a shooter (Wolfenstein)?
A SIM type game (SIMs)?
One of those build your army type games (Diablo)?
A long drawn out logic game (like Myst) ?


Is it one of the complicated control games that are nearly impossible without a joystick, or can it easily be played from keyboard?

MORROWIND is very first person and immersive.

MORROWIND takes the prize for an open ended game. You, the player, decide where you go and what you do next. There is none of that you-must-go-down-this-hall-or-street looking for the "only" way out stuff going on in this game. You decide whether to go north or south or east or west in the enormously huge land of Morrowind (did I say enormous). Decide whether to go look for treasure in the mountains or dive in the sea to look for treasure in old wrecks. You need to sell that treasure to buy new weapons or get training. You will need those weapons and training for the quests you're on and the more dangerous and harder quests to come. Decide to join the Fighters Guild and learn fighting or to join the Mages Guild and learn magic or to join both. Or maybe join one of the other guilds.

And the weather!!! Increadible!!! Your walking/running from one town to another or in the mountains or desert or grazelands and suddenly it starts raining with increadible thunder all around you or fog everywhere or an ash storm or it's a beautiful day with a gorgeous sunset with stars and moons overhead. Should I explore the caverns or the ancient tombs or battle more baddies or ....

All this and more while going on quests for a great number of people for a great number of reasons.

And of course the main quest of the game which is to save the world of Morrowind from the biggest baddie of them all who is now wakening from centuries of sleep under the volcano.

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