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Cannot copy Ghost file access denied

I have a number of XP machines. Only one has a DVD burner. My strategy has been to back up the hard drives on each machine to a backup partition on that same machine. Then I would copy the backup files to the machine that has the DVD burner and then burn copies of the backups onto a DVD. I used Norton Ghost to back up each machine. However, when I go to copy the Ghost backup files to my DVD burner machine, I get the following message: "cannot copy Op2A001.ghs, access denied". Norton Ghost creates multiple files when it backs up a partition that requires more than 2GB to back up. The first file (that contains the first 2GB of data) has no problem being copied to a network drive. The second file (the spanned file) generates the message. I suspect that any additional spanned files needed to go beyond 4GB would cause the same problem, although I have not been able to verify this. This copy issue only occurs when copying from one XP machine to another. If you copy to a Windows98 machine then you have no problem. Does anyone know how to get around this problem?
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Ghost must have given you a 5 digit error code. Do a search for the error code and see what Symantec has to say for the error code. For example see the following page for answers to some error codes.

Symantec Error Codes

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Thanks for the reply. The error is not a Ghost generated error but is a Windows error that occurs when I simply try to copy the file to another XP system over the network. At the point in time when the error occurs, Ghost is not running and I am simply using Windows Explore to copy the files to a mapped drive. Note that the file in question will copy to a Windows98 system on the network, it simply won't copy to a WindowsXP system. I've tried changing the permissions and ownership of the file that won't copy to be identical to the permissions and ownership of the files that do copy, but this doesn't help. There is something about the format of the "filename.ghs" file created by Ghost that won't allow it to be copied across the network. I have a query into Symantec technical support, but I'm not hopeful that they will be able to help as it seems to be a Windows issue. Any other suggestions?
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Symantec should be able to help. They usually can.

I have copied ghost files across my network but I have been using all win98se machines until now. I just set up a win2000 machine.

Please post your solution from Symantec.

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Smile Re: Cannot copy Ghost file access denied

I had this problem and found that the .gho file had different file permissions to the .ghs file(s). The .ghs file(s) only had Administrators & System listed with Permissions, once I added in the local Users group and applied the same permissions as for the .gho file (Read & Execute) I was able to copy the .gho files without problem.

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