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ISP Upgrade -- 112 mbps!!!

My ISP, Cablevision's Optonline service, which serves much of the New York/Connecticut/New Jersey area, has just introduced new upgraded speed tiers. The base tier was upgraded from 15 mbps down/2 mbps up to 15/5, with two extra cost additional tiers, 50/25 and 101/35.

As a long-time ("legacy") customer of one of their previous extra-cost tiers, which provided 30/5 for $14.95 per month above the base rate, I was eligible for an upgrade to 101/35 at that same cost! Today I went to their local facility and exchanged the DOCSIS 2 cable modem they had provided many years ago for a DOCSIS 3 cable modem, and voila:


During other runs, I've seen as much as 118 mbps, although sometimes as low (!) as 90 mbps. Uploads have varied from around the 18 mbps shown up to a little more than the advertised 35 mbps.

And just as incredibly, I'm getting close to 80 mbps downloads via wifi, from a laptop on the first floor of my house that is wirelessly connected to an access point on the second floor:


All of this is via a SonicWall TZ205 hardware firewall/router. The wireless access point is an EnGenius EAP350.


Best regards,
-- Al
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Where to next?
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nice !!!

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Re: ISP Upgrade -- 112 mbps!!!

Awesome indeed!!

Dang, FIOS pulled out of most of NH, so I doubt Comcast has much incentive for boosting speeds anymore (though we did get a one time boost to accommodate Netflix's SuperHD (or whatever it's called).
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Re: ISP Upgrade -- 112 mbps!!!

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