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Any way to force DNS server?

I have a 4G wireless device that provides my home with Internet connectivity. To be clear this is a router that picks up my ISP's 4G signal, it has no wifi capability of its own. For that I have a cable running from the 4G router to my wifi router, from where my PC, home theatre, consoles etc get a wired connection and all my wireless devices get their wifi.

My problem is that my ISP's router has no tab to choose custom DNS servers. I guess they want to force me to use theirs. The trouble is their DNS servers go down for several minutes, several times each day, which gets very tiresome. I have set my wifi router and each of my devices individually to use Google's DNS servers but, since my final access point to the net is the 4G router, it seems everything just goes via my ISP's shitty DNS servers anyway.

Is there any way for me to truly use whichever DNS server I want and not be forced to suffer my ISP's shitty DNS servers? I have PC and Mac devices FYI.


Edit: I cannot change the 4G router to another device that allows custom DNS settings because my ISP has my SIM card locked to the router they provide. Besides, I'm not aware of any other easily available 4G outdoor receivers like the one I have.
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Re: Any way to force DNS server?

If you haven't found the solution to this problem yet...

You need to go into your NIC properties and input specific DNS addresses...

However, this will only apply to the device/computer you are using and NOT the 4G modem...

Post the make/model of your 4G modem and I will research it.
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